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12 Days of Christmas:  Holiday Home Safety Tips.



Day 1: Hang Stockings with Care When decorating for the holidays, be aware of fire dangers
including live Christmas trees and overloaded power cords.

Day 2: Blow Out the Candles Never place candles near your Christmas trees or furniture. Make sure they're properly extinguished before leaving the room

Day 3: Stay Warm Safely If using a space heater, don't use an extension cord to power it. Keep it
away from pets and children and at least three feet from drapes, furniture, or flammable objects.

Day 4: Deck the Halls Keep outdoor decorations well-lit. If they're close to your home, they?re less of a target for thieves.

Day 5: Keep a Secret Don't discuss expensive gift purchases in public.

Day 6: Write it Down Make a note of serial numbers of new electronics in case of theft for possible recovery or insurance purposes.

Day 7: Trash with Caution Avoid putting empty boxes on your driveway for trash collection that
showcase new items you have in your home.

Day 8: Travel Safely If you're leaving town, ask a trustworthy neighbor to collect your paper
and mail.

Day 9: Clear the Way Watch for ice and snow on your driveway, sidewalks and stairs. Use
ice melt and a shovel to keep pathways clean.

Day 10: Enjoy the Feast When cooking, never leave a pan unattended. Make sure smoke detectors are properly working.

Day 11: Time it Right Put lights on a timer if you're heading out of town. Remember darkness comes early during winter.

Day 12: Enlist Help Ask your neighborhood association to consider hiring private security, such as
Signal 88 Security, to keep your community secure.

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