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Franchise Media Applications


Please download the GroupMe app & create a profile using your phone number.


Your Supervisor will assist in person with joining the Group Chat.


Notes for GroupMe:


  • Group Chat is for franchise announcements only.

  • No conversation is to be held in the chat unless asking a question that could be knowledgeable for all.

  • If you are mentioned in a roster or site-specific message, you are to “Like” the message to acknowledge that you read it.

TrackTik Shift & Guard Tour
  • Please download the “TrackTik Shifts” and Guard Tour app.


  • URL:


  • Username: Your E-Mail

  • Password: 1@S88


  • This app houses your schedule in the bottom left of the main menu. Once you are done viewing your schedule, you are to stay signed out. 


  • Upon your first sign-in, you will be directed to change the default password. The password you make is of your own and will be used to clock-in for each shift you work.


88 University is our online training platform.  You are required to complete your assigned courses in a timely way.

You may access 88University through the Go.Learn app. 


Click link below to download.

Platform URL:

Username:  Your email address

Password:  abc123

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