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Solicitors on your property present a very real risk

On September 19th Signal 88 Security issued a fraud alert concerning door to door solicitors operating in the Kent, OH area. That very same day the alert was issued we received a tip from a resident at a property we patrol that these solicitors were on property.

As you may recall our concern was that many of these solicitors are outright scam artists and thieves. The BBB receives well over 1,000 complaints per year about individuals who have been duped into changing gas/electric service and are now getting stuck will bills that are 2-3 times higher than normal.

We're happy to announce we were able to locate these solicitors (who had previous been trespassed off property). Because this group had been previously warned not to return and ignored clearly posted no trespassing signs the on scene Signal 88 Security officer detained the group and called in the City of Kent Police Department for assistance.

Upon arrival of Kent PD, identifications were checked on the entire group and it was discovered that 2 of the 6 individuals in the group had multiple outstanding warrants for their arrest.

Special thanks to Kent, PD for their timely assistance and professionalism in dealing with this situation.

Here is some video of the event as capture by our patrol vehicles camera.

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