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10 Reasons Why Roving Patrol Security is a Better Option

As a Property Manager you are responsible for entire communities. You obviously have a lot on your plate every day. When you make the decision to select a security company, the process can be daunting. There are ten reasons you should consider a roving patrol service and why it’s very different than what you typically see in your market.

1. Alertness – Staying vigilant 100% of the time is a difficult job, and for some, staying awake is a nightly battle. A roving patrol doesn’t allow for time to fall asleep because the officer is constantly patrolling from one property to the other. Staying in one location leads to officer fatigue and even sleep.

2. GPS Tracking – Do you ever wonder where the security is located? Signal 88 Security roving patrol uses GPS to track the officer’s location so clients know where their security personnel is at all times.

3. Visible Presence – It’s imperative that security is easily identifiable. A roving patrol demonstrates a strong visual deterrence with flashing lights, well-marked and branded vehicles, and consistent movement throughout your property. This lets residents, guests, and other people in the community know that your property has security on-site.

4. Economical Cost – A roving patrol service provides you with a security presence all night long and typically at a cost much less than a traditional, often times called “dedicated” security service.

5. No Idle Time – It’s often said that idle time can get you into trouble. If that’s true, what do you think happens at 4 a.m. when nothing is going on? Roving patrols eliminate idle time because the officer is always on the move, actively patrolling.

6. When Friendly Becomes Friendship – If you spend multiple hours a day or night on one property your security personnel are likely to make some friends. That can be an issue and can lead to bad decisions by an officer. During a roving patrol, officers have enough time to become knowledgeable and friendly, but not enough time to develop friendships, which can skew judgement.

7. Quality of Candidate – A roving patrol officer has a lot more responsibility driving a company vehicle. Officers working in an active, roving patrol require more training and skill than someone who sits in a guard shack for several hours a shift.

8. Actively Patrolling – An active patrolling officer is much more likely to hear, see, or smell something

going on because they are roving around your property. Officers who are restrained to one property may become tired of circling a single property and eventually find their favorite place to sit idle.

9. Unauthorized Activities – Most people love a great movie and security officers are no different. Some officers will do anything to pass the time as they count the hours left in their shift, especially if they know nobody is watching them. During a roving patrol the GPS alerts and internal vehicle cameras will monitor an officer’s activity. This approach is a shift away from the industry standard of sending a supervisor around to check on guards once or twice a night.

10. Quick Response - Roving patrol officers can respond quickly because they are mobile. This is a huge benefit to communities of all sizes. It only takes a couple minutes to respond in a car an officer is already driving. With multiple vehicles patrolling the area, quick response time is vital to deterring crime and disturbances.

There are many ways to provide security. The Signal 88 Security roving patrol approach addresses issues commonly found within the security guard industry. We utilize advanced technology including GPS tracking, video cameras that record both the interior and exterior of the patrol vehicle, on-board laptops that allow typed, real time reports, and cloud based software including a reporting database. To learn more about the Signal 88 Security difference, contact us today.

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